Agyaggalamb lövészet
Agyaggalamb lövészet oktatás
Pisztoly oktatás
Agyaggalamb lövészet oktatás
Hagyományos íjászat
10 állásos pisztolypálya
Roncslövészet 4 ronccsal
Íjászat oktatás
Futóvad pálya
Vadászok számára futóvad gyakorlat
Agyaggalamb lövészet
Agyaggalamb oktatás
Duna Lövész Lőtér
Duna Lövész Lőtér 12 hektáron
Pisztolypálya, futó, bukó, forgó és álló célpontokkal
10 állásos pisztolypálya

Duna Lövész spot on. You cannot miss your target with us!

Come and visit one of the biggest and most complex shooting ranges in Hungary.

Duna Lövész Sport Klub is located only 40 km from Budapest and is open every day. Whether you are an enthusiastic amateur, an adrenaline junky, a sports shooter or a hunter, you will enjoy your time at our range. If you have no weapon licence, you can choose from the wide range of weapons we have to offer you.

  • 8 shooting ranges – Clay pigeon, wreck shooting, game, rifle, tower shooting, trap shooting, 300 meter cartridge rifle, pistol range with 10 shooting stands
  • Traditional archery
  • 30+ Weapons – AK47,, Marauder, Glock, Smith&Wesson
  • Team building programmes, stag and hen parties, birthday shooting, archery parties for kids, competition for professionals



Our 8 shooting ranges and one archery range is open to those who have no weapon licence. You can choose your weapon from our armoury of 300 pieces. Our qualified shooting instructors will give you free lessons. The shooting range also has a recreation room and a warming room, and there is also a buffet serving our visitors.

The shooting range is an ideal location for company parties, team building trainings for there is no limit as to the number of people you can entertain at us. We will provide you with the place, guns and shooting training, and if you need it, we can also offer you catering services and a party tent.

The shooting programme of Duna Lövész Shooting Range also offers a really fun time for stag and hen parties. Whether you choose to do clay pigeon shooting to test your skills, or wreck shooting to enjoy your adrenaline level rising, you will surely find what you are looking for.

Athletes are offered a place to do shooting training at a discounted price. We regularly hold shooting and shooting skills trainings for individuals and small groups. Societies, clubs with no shooting range will be able to rent the range for fixed, pre-defined dates and times.

Do not let the weather stop you from shooting, in case of bad weather fans of shooting are welcome in the 4-stand pistol range of the cellar range in Tököl nearby. The pistol armoury consist from .22 to .45 calibre guns. Free trainings are also available.

We offer an archery programme for children where they can try shooting with traditional Hungarian, Scythian bows and longbows. Archery training is included in the programme package. Children aged 14 and above can test themselves in air gun shooting.

If you are preparing for a hunter exam, this is the place to prepare for the gun exam. We offer you trainings with the following included: firearms exam, legal knowledge exam, hunting training, shooting training.

We offer weapons knowledge trainings and shooting trainings for security and bodyguard companies. With the training you will have a firm knowledge of how to use Parabellum, Glock and Kalashnikov AK rifles safely.


  • Glock 17, 19, 34 models
  • CZ 75-B
  • FÉG Parabellumok
  • Smith&Wesson .22
  • Smith&Wessen 357 mag/38
  • Taurus 9 mm
  • ISCC M22 models
  • XDM 45 ACP
  • Smith&Wesson Super 9
  • K100 9mm
  • Heckler- Koch 40
  • Beretta 
  • Heckler&Koch USP Expert


Rifles and Carbines
  • Bock shotguns
  • Ruger 44 colt
  • Marlin rifle
  • AK-47-es assault rifle
  • VZ-58 assault rifle
  • KolArms 8*57 JS rifle
  • KolArms 308 rifle
  • Bushmasters 223. Rem. assault rifle
  • MKET- 43 223. Rem. assault rifle
  • Heckler&Koch SL8 .223
  • Marauder assault rifle
  • PPS41 assault rifle
  • UK59 


Clay pigeon/skeet

A skeet range with 3*5 ranges.

Pistol range

A 10 stand pistol range with running, falling, revolving and fix targets.

Wreck shooting range

Wrecks are always replaced, 4 wrecks.

Archery range

Traditional Hungarian, Scythian bows and longbows with 6 archery stations..

Game range

Boar, fallow-deer and deer shaped targets with adjustable speed.

Shotgun sighting-in new text

300 m long bullet sighting-in bay.

Trap shooting range

Hunting ring with tiles flying in 50 different ways.

Rifle range

2 stands and several different targets.


Basic fees

Pistol usage fee: 1.500 Ft / hour
Rifle usage fee:  2.500 Ft / hour
Pistol range usage fee: 3.000 Ft / hour
Rifle range usage fee: 3.000 Ft / hour
Long range usage fee: 4.000 Ft / 30 minutes
Hunter range usage fee: 4.000 Ft / 30 minutes
Wreck range usage fee: 4.500 Ft/ shooting

ROTTE fees (hunting and tiles):

With own weapon and ammunition (max. 28 gr. 2,5) HUF 2,000 / 25 shots
With weapon and ammunition provided by club: HUF 8,500 / 25 shots

Ammunition for your own or club guns are available at the shooting range.



Monthly membership fee: HUF 7,000 (annual fee: HUF 84,000).

  • In case of stag and hen parties we give you a discount see the packages
  • Training options for security and bodyguard companies, and law enforcement bodies.


  • Basic package
  • Mixed shooting
  • Clay pigeon shooting
  • Stag/hen party basic package
  • Stag/hen party medium package
  • Stag/hen party extra package
  • Archery package
  • Air gun package for kids
  • Automatic rifle shooting
  • Large calibre shooting
  • Shooting with Marauder
  • Shooting with AK47 Kalasnyikov
  • Wreck shooting with Kalasnyikov
  • Wreck shooting with Dragunov
  • Shooting with UK59
  • Kolarms
  • Dragunov sniper rifle

45 shots in total:

15 shots with Glock

15 shots with Marauder

15 shots with VZ 58

With 50% discount: HUF 11,000

Special offers for large groups and companies, please, write us to rendezveny (at)!

Contact us!

István Bíró


+36/30 961 - 8506

Simon Veronika

Receptionist/ Training shooting instructor

+36/30 871- 5124

Turák György

President/ Training shooting instructor

+36/20 376 - 9391

Vonza Zsolt

Training shooting instructor

For more information on events and programmes write us to rendezveny (at)!


H-2300 Ráckeve Újhegy street (Only half an our from Budapest!)

GPS coordinate : N 47 10.440 E 18 53.577

Email adress: jelentkezes (at)

Opening hours


CLOSED on Monday and Tuesday

Wednesday- Sunday: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.


CLOSED on Monday and Tuesday
Thursday: 5 p.m.

Reservation is neceassary!

Our partners

  • Reálszisztéma Autokereskedelmi Ltd.
  • Glock Hungary
  • JAPE Hunting Shop
  • Fishing & Hunting Channel